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SSL Certificate provided by RapidSSL certificate issued by GeoTrust company as one of the world's largest providers of SSL certificates .

Characteristics certificate SSL:

Quick issuing certificates

Instant Activation

Strong encryption (up to 256 bits )

Supported by 99 % of browsers

$10,000 Guarantee Certificate

No need to confirm the address and telephone ( confirmed via email )

Using the power infrastructure company GeoTrust

Take advantage of the show on their website RapidSSL Security

SSL Certificate Conditions

Domain Whois specification should be complete , accurate , and non- Iranian specifications .

RapidSSL certificates to be offered on the slopes ir. Or domain in which the term "iran There is not.

Approve or reject the certification provided by the Company is GeoTrust . ( In case of denial of certification, full payment will be returned to you )

Receive e-mail server domain needs to be verified domain ownership .

<>SSL Certificates Annual certification fee associated with the installation and activation : 139.000 Toman