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Substance » Introduction » How to use Nanosoft?

Dear Subscriber , for use any features of website or portals you need to have Nanosoft account , So to create your account, you can click here (Register) .

Nanosoft will ensure that your information is preservation in private servers. Employees of company and you can be login in to your account.


Process after registeration:

If you have account in Nanosoft you must be have username and password , So for use site features such as ordering, tracking, sending support requests and etc. You can enter to you account by username and password.


  • You can see also education center about how to work with Nanosoft smart system.

  • If you want to request service you can use tools menu.

  • First of all it is best to familiarize with our company terms and conditions

  • If you need help and support you can send ticket from Support center.

  • If your account money is not enough, you can increase your credit