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The establisher Engineer Kambiz Asadzadeh of Rayaneh Karane Ebtekare Tarhe No ( Nanosoft Corporation) has realized the apparent lacks and weaknesses of society in computer based careers and communications in the country, so he decided to establish a company with the most attention to quality and accuracy on doing the job. At the beginning he started his activities unofficially but after a while with expanding his job and more requests from customers, it was the time to continue officially so The Company has established with Nanosoft trademark registered number 11218 in 2009.

Company Overview

Nanosoft with highest world technologies relying on its practical and theoretical knowledge is taking a vast part in huge projects with different needs and uses and it gives the most value to customers’ satisfaction with great care to quality of its products.


Nanosoft proudly presents following services

  •  Administrate server-based, client-based and network-based educational, organizational softwares
  • Doing graphic projects
  • Counseling in website appearance design and internal engineering
  • Design and execute all stages of private and official websites and portals
  • Giving various web-hosting services and huge systemat projects


 Head manager message: Nanosoft ensures high quality and accuracy of projects performing that deserve our customers.

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